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Lady Gaga’s Ex-Fiancé, Christian Carino, ‘Liked’ Irina Shayk’s Bikini Photo



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Lady Gaga’s ex-fiancé, Christian Carino, liked Bradley Cooper’s ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk’s bikini picture. 

unCrazed spoke to sources connected to Christian … we asked a few questions but nothing was given, besides, “make sure you tell your readers that Christian isn’t trying to date Irina,”. — you heard it here, this is simply a friendly like on social media — completely innocent.

Rumours started that claim Bradley was very close to Lady Gaga, and this was one of a few reasons why Irina and he split, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, we busted this rumour yesterday.


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Many tabloids and other publications have tried to make this rumour true but it simply isn’t and more than likely won’t ever be true.


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