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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Stayed Together To Win Oscar?



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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk supposedly remained as a couple in public in an effort to “win [him] an Oscar.”

RadarOnline, famous for lying and manipulating facts to suit their reckless campaign, are claiming the former couple stayed together and tried to “fake it” until they no longer could in order for Bradley to win an Oscar.

It makes zero sense for Irina to stay with Bradley in order for him to win an Oscar, and even if that was the case, he didn’t even earn a “Best Director Academy Award nomination” — something which RadarOnline say happened.

Their alleged source claims he “really made an effort” to be with Irina, but within the exact same published article, they say he was “spending all of his time with Lady Gaga,” — contradicting statement.


At the very end of their article, they even claim that Bradley has “confirmed his split with Shayk.” which is completely untrue, even his spokesperson hasn’t issued a statement.

Headline busted.

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