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LeBron James Labels Steph Curry MVP




Los Angeles Laker’s LeBron James named Steph Curry the MVP (Most Valuable Player) prior to Laker’s victory on Wednesday.

Although the Laker’s were victorious,  ahead of the game James stated that “We’re playing versus, in my opinion, the MVP of our league this year in Steph.”

Ja Morant, amongst other players and fans, also believes that Curry is worthy of the prestigious title.

Although conversation is definitely heating up on Curry‘s potential MVP status, James concluded that “I don’t think Steph is going to get it because that’s another conversation in my eyes.”


It has also been said that Curry has “played the best basketball year-round.” His talent has been recognised as he became the second oldest scoring champion, at 33, behind Michael Jordan, who was 35 when he took the crown in 1997-98.

Golden State Warrior’s Curry and James have had a rivalrous friendship throughout their careers. NBA‘s official Twitter account posted a picture of them after the game with the caption “Two bad dudes!!”


The MVP can be expected to be announced at the end of June, but the exact date of the announcement of the award – as per NBA’s history – is not set in stone due to scheduling.

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