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Liam Neeson Auditioned For ‘Andre The Giant’ In ‘The Princess Bride’




Liam Neeson auditioned for the role of André the Giant for the 1987 film, The Princess Bride.

The 68-year-old Taken star was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he unearthed a surprise that he once auditioned for the role of André the Giant, but, unfortunately for Neeson, he was unsuccessful.

According to Liam, he was “quite nervous” mainly due to the fact it was “a big film” explaining, “I had met the casting directors in LA, so I go into the office in London, and Rob Reiner looked at me and said ‘He’s not a giant. What height are you?’ I said ‘6ft 4″‘ He said, ‘That’s tall, he’s not a giant.’”

He joked that the next time he sees Reiner, “I’m going to tell him he was very rude.” after he failed to thank him for his audition, nor did he say hello.


Could you see Neeson playing André the Giant in a remake?

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