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Logan Paul Trespasser Arrested For Allegedly Hopping Actors Fence




Logan Paul was the victim of a trespassing incident at his Los Angeles property.

The 25-year-old actor and YouTube star and those living at the home address noticed a male had jumped the wall at the front entrance gate.

Law enforcement was called to attend around 14:45 when the on Sunday after the man wouldn’t leave, with those within the property telling cops they are armed and will protect themselves and their property if the unknown male attempted to gain entry into the house.

You can see by the video, a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter was circulating the area to keep an eye on the ongoing before a cruiser arrived to make an arrest, which has been captured on video.


Paul wants to press charges against the mystery trespasser, who strangely had a suitcase and backpack that law enforcement searched before taking him into custody.

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