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NF Releases New Single ‘Chasing_(Demo)’ Featuring Australian Fan Mikayla Sippel




Michigan rapper NF releases a surprise, chart-topping single, Chasing_(Demo), featuring a super-fan.

The 29-year-old emotion-based rapper has shocked his fanbase by releasing a brand new single, available on Apple Music and Spotify, and it features a fan, which further stunned a particular Australian fan.

It was a typical upload for 15-year-old Mikayla Sippel when she hit publish on Instagram to share her cover of an unreleased demo by Nathan Feuerstein – then suddenly, The Search rapper commented with the words, “I have messaged you” – fast forward to now, and Sippel features in the hugely popular artists tracklist.

For the announcement of the single, Nate wrote, “I posted a clip the other day of a song and was honestly shocked at how much you guys liked it. Every project I do there are a couple of songs that I hold back or just don’t feel like work and this was most likely going to be one of those songs. A day or so after I posted the clip I heard a cover a fan did of it and I was blown away by it. Long story short, my producer Tommee and I took her audio and ended up finishing it for you guys! Thank you, Mikayla Sippel, for letting us use your amazing voice and inspiring me to actually release it.”


Listen to the hit-making track here.

Congratulations, Mikayla!

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