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Louis Theroux Announces New Documentary




Louis Theroux’s new documentary will be a three part series exploring the world of US rap and hip-hop.

It will form part of a new BBC Two documentary series, Forbidden America.

Forbidden America will explore the impact of the internet and social media on some of the most controversial corners of American entertainment in a series of one-hour episodes.

One episode will see Theroux go to the southern states of the USA, mainly Florida where the effects of the constant connectivity social media brings is easily seen.


The description states that “Many artists become successful through self-promotion online, looking at ways to connect with fans – from feuding online, opening up about their anxieties and fears, and live-streaming their sometimes chaotic lifestyles,”

Louis will meet people at different stages of their quest to become successful and followed, from those who have risen fast to those who have fallen hard.”

The other part of the series will look into the porn industry, as it copes with altering societal views on sex work and the #MeToo movement.

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