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Machine Gun Kelly Explains The Time He Searched Megan Fox’s House With Gun



Machine Gun Kelly

On the musicians latest visit to The Ellen DeGeneres ShowMachine Gun Kelly talked about the time he searched his girlfriend Megan Fox’s house with a gun to protect her. 

“I had a weapon to make sure that everyone was safe” Kelly stated, “So I went through the house with the weapon.”

This came after Fox locked herself in room of new house whilst she was alone, due to her doors apparently opening and shutting by themselves.

Ellen went on to add following MGK’s comments, “To shoot a ghost” with the musician then adding that “Then we realized we need Ghostbusters. What I had was not going to defeat whatever was in the house.”


As well as talking on his interaction with ghosts, MGK provided some further explanation on his previous comments about wearing the blood of his girlfriend around his neck. A story that you can read about here.

MGK explained that, “Some people give like a handkerchief to their partner, or whatever – she gave me her DNA.”

As Fox was going to travel to Bulgaria for a film shoot, the actress found a way that Kelly could still have a part of her with the musician whilst she was away.

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