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Maren Morris Says Husband Ryan Hurd Helped Her Through Depression




Singer Maren Morris has paid tribute to her husband Ryan Hurd for helping her with her mental health.

In an interview with People, The Bones artist revealed that Hurd was a “huge help” in diagnosing her postpartum depression after welcoming their son, Hayes Andrew, in March 2020.

“I do check-ins all the time [with] therapy, which I’ve done for years, and my husband was a huge help diagnosing that too. Sometimes it’s just someone really close to you saying, ‘Are you OK?’,” she said.

“It’s so simple, but it kind of snaps you out of whatever fog you’re in that you think is normal, but isn’t.”


Paying tribute to her husband, Morris admitted, “I wouldn’t have made it through with my head this high without him.”

Discussing the effects of the pandemic on their relationship, Morris said, “This was the most time we had ever spent with each other, and we had a kid, so we were getting to know each other in a deeper way. We definitely got stronger.”

Hurd, who is also a country music artist, similarly paid tribute to his wife: “I’m very proud of her. Maren is an incredible mother and partner, and our quiet little life at home has just made it incredibly difficult to leave and go to work. I’m really thankful for our little home bubble.”

The couple, who are currently celebrating the success of their duet Chasing After You, also worked together on Morris‘ new album.


“He was my closest and best writing partner during lockdown,” she said. “Writing songs with each other is fun but it’s not the only thing that ties us together. It’s a bonus.”

Morris‘ upcoming album, Humble Quest, debuts on March 25.

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