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Mark Hamill Celebrates ‘Star Wars’ In Farewell Letter To Fans




Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill bids farewell to Star Wars

In a very touching letter to his fans, and fans of the Disney owned Lucas Films franchise, saying, “I am deeply thankful for your continued enthusiasm and dedications to George’s faraway galaxy,”

The 68-year-old actor directed his letter to the Star Wars family, explaining his personal journey and embarking on a role that changed his life forever. He wrote, “What an extraordinary journey it’s been. Back in 1976, when Carrie [Fisher], Harrison [Ford] and I were testing for our roles in what was then called ‘The Adventures of Luke Skykiller, as taken from the Journal of the Whills, Saga I: The Star Wars,’ there’s no way we could have known what an incredibly rich and imaginative set of adventures this obscure little space movie would launch, inspiring eight more chapters to tell the entire Skywalker story.

For some of you, that journey began with us over 40 years ago, inviting Star Wars into your lives from the seats of just a few dozen theatres in its first days of release. For others, you may have joined us somewhere along the way, from the harrowing saga of young Anakin’s descent to the dark side in the prequel trilogy or the introduction of an entirely new generation of heroes in the sequel trilogy.


As Carrie once said, Star Wars is about family, and that is what we have all become – one giant community that shares the common experience of these stories and the fundamental values they instil in us. Whether you’re a relative newcomer to the Star Wars galaxy or a long-time U.P.F. (ultra-passionate fan), I am deeply thankful for your continued enthusiasm and dedication to George’s faraway galaxy, which will continue to grow with new storytellers building an even bigger galaxy filled with heroes, villains, action, romance, and, of course, the Force.

May the Force be with you…always.”


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