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Mark Wahlberg Warning People Over Impersonating Fraudster



? Kathy Reesey/unCrazed Composite

Mark Wahlberg has taken to social media in an effort to warn followers about a fraudster.

He wrote on Instagram, “An imposter sent this poorly photoshopped image to convince a fan she was really talking to me. Please do not send money to anyone claiming to be me.”

The 48-year-old furthered, “We just heard yesterday about someone being scammed out of $85,000 — be careful!”

He included a screenshot of a conversation between a fan and the alleged catfish account that had a photoshopped image of Mark holding a piece of paper that reads, “My dear [censored] you are my dear friend, I can’t in anyway do anything to hurt you, trust me.”


Wahlberg cleared up that he is “not on WhatsApp, Hangouts, Messenger, Snapchat or TikTok,” before requesting that readers report fake accounts saying, “You can send screenshots of fake accts to be removed to and my team will take care of it,”

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