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Mena Massoud Suing Tesla Over Car Wreck



? Daniel Benavides/unCrazed Composite

Aladdin star, Mena Massoud, is suing Tesla after his car was wrecked. 

He claims his brand new Tesla Model 3, that crashed into a tree, had design and manufacturing defects.

In legal documents, seen by unCrazed, he purchased the Tesla in September 2018. The next day whilst driving on Hollywood Boulevard, he changed lanes, when the front right wheel crumpled and fell off the car, causing Mena’s vehicle to skid onto the sidewalk and smashed into a tree causing the vehicle to stop.

Kevin K. Javidzad of Colony Law has been hired by Mena, and he says he suffered personal injuries. In a nutshell, the wheel shouldn’t just fall off, and the Tesla Mena was driving has been written off — but Tesla hasn’t responded, yet.


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