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Mets Baseman Pete Alonso “Thankful To Be Alive” After Traffic Accident




New York Mets star Pete Alonso says he is “thankful to be alive” after he got into a traffic accident.

Alonso revealed that on Sunday he was driving in his pickup to the Mets camp before he was hit by another driver who ran a red light.

The baseman escaped uninjured despite his truck flipping multiple times.

“This is really special spring training because yesterday was a really close experience to death,” Alonso told reporters. “I’m just really thankful to be alive.”


He added: “I was coming here to work, coming to spring training, and the next thing I know I’m kicking my windshield in trying to get out of a flipped-over car.”


Alonso’s wife Haley shared multiple pictures and videos on Instagram of the wreck.

Authorities confirmed that there were only minor injuries and the driver who caused the crash was issued a citation.

“Just really blessed to be here, thankful nothing is wrong,” said Alonso.

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