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Mia St. John, Ex-Wife Of Kristoff St. John, Hospitalised “Against” Her Will



? Mia St. John

The ex-wife of the late Kristoff St. John, Mia St. John, was hospitalised “against” her will earlier last week following Kristoff’s sudden death.

The boxer explained on her social media that she’s “sorry” if she “scared anyone,” when news broke of her hospitalisation.

Mia said, “I’m out of the hospital. I’m sorry if I scared anyone. Let’s please focus on the wellness of his [Kristoff] precious girls Lola and Paris. They love their father so much, the beautiful, loving, funny soul that he was/is,”

Multiple outlets reported that Mia had been admitted to hospital but in her words, “against my will” — just days before making the claim, she tweeted, “they’re trying to send me back to the mental asylum to kill my whole family #ImNotCrazy I just lost my beautiful boys… is there no compassion anymore?”.


Kristoff passed away earlier last week and in 2014 Mia and Kristoff lost their son after he committed suicide whilst he was receiving treatment for mental health.