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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Marriage Isn’t At Risk



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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s marriage is at risk because they “can’t stop fighting” — is what OK! wants you to believe. 

According to the historically incorrect tabloid, the “honeymoon phase is already over” for the newly married couple.

Their source claims, “They were in a total love bubble, but now they can’t stop fighting,” — and apparently, they “come across as the perfect couple, but behind closed doors, they’re struggling.”

Once again, another tabloid has claimed that Miley is “slowly reverting back to her wild child ways.” — and apparently, it’s “reminding Liam of the old Miley, and he thought they moved past that … [Liam] thought Miley had matured and was ready to settle down, but it’s dawned on him that she may never change,”


Miley and Liam are doing just fine, and it seems this has sparked up following Star‘s fabricated story making similar accusations. We’re told the information isn’t “one bit true” and our source tells us they believe it has stemmed from “Miley posting summer-time images on her social media,” — furthering, “she posted a naked picture a few days ago with a caption about festival season and being queer and ready to party, so that makes sense for tabloids to assume she’s going wild