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Nev Schulman Wants Ariana Grande On MTV’s Catfish



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Nev Schulman wants Ariana Grande to host an episode of Catfish with him.

He found out that Ariana loves the MTV reality-show, so much so, it would seem the Sweetener singer followed Nev on Instagram.

Walking out of LAX, he was caught by a photographer that started asking him questions, the main question surrounding his celebrity wish list of guest cohosts.

Turns out, Ariana watched the show and shared her viewing on Instagram, to which fans went insane by tagging Nev letting him know, he was humbled and flattered, but fanboyed when he realised she followed him.


Nev said he “wanted to play it cool,” and followed her back, exclaiming he felt embarrassed that he wasn’t following her. Shortly after, he sent her a direct message, and they began talking… Ariana then said she would love to come on the show.

The hope for Nev, and fans of both Ariana and the show, is when more episodes are being made, she will have enough time in her extremely busy schedule to join him for an episode.

Max Joseph was the longtime co-host for the show, but decided to pursue a filmmaking career last year.

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