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Celebrity Gamer ‘OMGitsfirefoxx’ Sued By Lawyer



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Sonja Reid, a celebrity-gamer known as OMGitsfirefoxx, has been sued for allegedly owing legal bills. 

Last year she was victim to alleged stalkers, to which she hired the law firm, McPherson LLP to obtain a restraining order against multiple alleged stalkers. In her alleged stalker-restraining order, she claimed to have received threatening messages, to which the law firm gathered evidence which led to the Los Angeles Police Department carrying out search warrants.

Those search warrants targeted various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, in an effort to identify the alleged stalkers.

According to the lawsuit against Sonja, she owes $41,570.54 in legal fees — and McPherson LLP are claiming she hired another lawyer after one month of starting the restraining order process with McPherson LLP, and offered to pay around 18-20% of the hefty fee.


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