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New Film Studio To Be Built In Space By 2024




UK aerospace company Space Entertainment Enterprise has announced plans to build a new TV and film studio in space. 

The company, who are co-producing Tom Cruise’s upcoming space movie, are aiming to launch a new studio and entertainment module by December 24.

Attaching to the Axiom Space Station, the module named SEE-1, will host films, television, sports and music events as well producers and creatives who want to product content in a micro-gravity environment.

Axiom Station, which the SEE-1 will attach too, is a space station being built by Axiom Space that will attach to the current International Space Station before disconnecting and orbiting earth on its own sometime around 2028.


In a statement about the news, Dmitry and Elena Lesnevsky, co-founders of S.E.E, said: “SEE-1 is an incredible opportunity for humanity to move into a different realm and start an exciting new chapter in space.

“It will provide a unique, and accessible home for boundless entertainment possibilities in a venue packed with innovative infrastructure which will unleash a new world of creativity.

Read more about SEE-1 on the Space Entertainment Enterprise website here.

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