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New ‘Venom’ Trailer Shows More Of Woody Harrelson’s Character




First introduced in the post credit scene of the first movie, and showcased once again in the first trailer, this new look at Venom: Let There Be Carnage shows more of Carnage.

Woody Harrelson’s serial killer character Cletus Kasady is locked up, and the trailer shows more of him being interviewed by Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock.

However, during the interview, Eddie gets too close to Cletus as the serial killer bites him.

As the trailer continues, the audience begin to see the symbiotie taking over.


Along with seeing more of the villain for this movie, fans get more of a look at Venom and Eddie’s relationship with the symbiotie unhappy at having to live by Brock’s rules.

Naomie Harris’s character Shriek also gets more screen time showcasing more of her powers.


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