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‘One Direction’ Singer Liam Payne Argues With Bouncers



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Liam Payne from One Direction was refused entry to a nightclub with his girlfriend.

Payne and his 19-year-old girlfriend Maya Henry were granted entry in the evening but after leaving the bar to visit the outside area they were refused re-entry by security.

According to sources, the pair were refused entry by bouncers when they discovered the age of the Stack It Up singers girlfriend, leading to Payne allegedly forcing his way into the Silver Fox club.

Due to his keen attitude to gain entry multiple refusals, bouncers allegedly pushed Liam to the floor which caused the 26-year-old to sustain low level injuries and a dirtied shirt.


He bounced up from the incident which is when a witness says the singer began hurling abuse at the staffers. On Instagram shortly after the ordeal, Payne posted on his Story, “@thesilverfoxsatx three of your bouncers just jump me for no reason whilst I was grabbing my ID I took pics of the whole thing look forward to seeing you in court,”

We’re told law enforcement wasn’t involved nor were they called by anyone involved, or even witnesses.

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