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Pete Davidson Million Dollar Non-Disclosure Agreement To See His Shows



? Kathy Hutchins/ Composite

Pete Davidson has upset show attendees by issuing them with a non-disclosure agreement. 

In the agreement, it has been demanded that if anything is leaked to anyone outside his standup shows, and it’s found out to be a specific person or group of people, a million dollar lawsuit will be landing on their doorstep.

According to a woman that purchased tickets to one of his live shows, an email landed in her inbox prior to the show that essentially stated no mobile phones or recording devices, and no discussing the show outside of the venue — particularly online such as on Facebook and other social media platforms.

It reads, “In the event of breach of this agreement, individual shall pay company, upon demand, as liquidated damages, the sum of one million dollars, plus any out of pocket expense.”


One million dollars is unusual for a standup NDA, with many questioning the motives behind Pete and his team’s sudden implementation of such a high figure.

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