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Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn Are Married?



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Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn are secretly married. 

Hopefully, you’ve spotted the filing of this column; Busting The Headlines. unCrazed are putting a stop to this ludicrous and completely untrue headline by the National Enquirer.

According to them, and their supposed sources, Gabriel and Paris secretly became a married couple and their wedding was sometime “in the past few weeks.”

An anonymous source’s only alleged proof is from photos of the couple that were taken at the premiere of The Peanut Butter Falcon at the start of August where the couple are wearing rings on their fingers.


Mrs Glenn… sorry, Paris debunked a similar headline from earlier this year herself, saying on Twitter, “For the zillionth time i’m NOT GETTING MARRIED.” — and it remains the case with National Enquirer‘s claim; we have spoken to a source, an actual source, that tell us “they’re not married, period.”

Once again, she has debunked the rumour, saying, “for the millionth billionth zillionth time. no” — evidence below.


The 21-year-old was responding to a commenter on social media that asked, “Paris are you married I’m in doubt?” and her answer doesn’t seem to be heard by tabloids.

We firmly believe that if Paris and Gabriel were to get married, as a couple they would make the official announcement — they’re very open on social media about their life as a loving couple.

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