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David Beckham & Victoria Beckham Close To Divorce?



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David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are close to divorcing and facing custody battle, according to NW

In a false news headline, published by NW, that says, “Posh & Becks: Custody War Explodes.” in which the story claims David has plans to permanently vacate to Florida.

According to the untrustworthy tabloid, the former professional football player is preparing to launch his football team, that he co-owns, and Victoria disapproves and resues to leave London.

In a shockingly-bold claim, the magazine is saying that Victoria “has secretly begun carving out a new life away from David” with her legal team already “working on splitting the couple’s assets” — part of the assets is their Miami home, which according to NW she refuses to “co-sign on their $67 million Miami pad.”


Busting The Headlines, as loyal readers know, is our way of chasing the false news headlines and putting rumours and misinformation to rest; unCrazed wants to make it clear that a $67 million “Miami pad,” doesn’t exist in the Beckham’s name — misinformation.

NW quoted a source that allegedly said, “Victoria’s been feeling incredibly uneasy ahead of David’s move to the U.S. and fears he could try to take the kids with him.

They’re insisting that as long as she continues to play ball and do everything by the book to build a strong case, David will regret the day he even hinted at taking the kids from her.”

A genuine, actual source has spoken to us and they are saying it’s “bogus,” and claim NW trip themselves up constantly due to mixed stories published, giving us an example, last year they claimed David was moving to Miami without the children, which he still hasn’t done.


Do you find it surprising that magazine tabloids even exist in this time period?

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