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Prince Estate Granted $7 Million In Bootleg Music Lawsuit



? Penner/unCrazed Composite

Prince’s estate has won a huge victory in bootleg music that belongs to them. 

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, a judge sided with the estate, saying Eye Records, are now liable for $7 million in the default judgement.

In 2018, Prince’s estate sued the record label for releasing 18 Prince compilations after his death, which included live performances and tracks that were never made public.

Part of the judgement states that Eye Records must remove all of its bootlegged Prince property. The original lawsuit had Prince’s estate requesting $2 million for every Prince trademark violation, but instead, the judge granted $7 million.


The record label used an online store called to sell bootlegged music, but it appears that either the lawsuit prompted them to remove access, or it has crashed due to the public interest.

Either way, it must now remove all Prince content that hasn’t been given explicit publisher rights by the estate.

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