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Priyanka Chopra And Megan Rapinoe Join Victoria’s Secret Rebrand




Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and US footballer Megan Rapinoe, amongst other stars, join the new Victoria’s Secret rebrand.

The underwear giant is saying goodbye to it’s traditional Angels and is introducing The VS Collective in an attempt to transform the brands image and appeal to a wider market.

They has faced scrutiny over the years for only hiring super-thin models and for their lack of representation of other body types.

VS Stores often only stocked smaller sizes and did not cater for curvier body shapes.


They have been accused relentlessly for promoting a damaging, unattainable and unrealistic image for women – especially young women.

Chopra and Rapinoe plan to inspire change, promote positivity and bring relevance back to the brand.

Both women, alongside a number of other diverse leading icons joining the rebrand, are advocates for change.

Football star Megan is a renowned activist for women’s rights, equal pay for women in sport, and is vocal advocate for LBGTQIA+.


Priyanka is heavily involved in charity work and founded her own charity, The Priyanka Foundation, as well as being an ambassador for UNICEF.

The spokeswomen will not be modelling the brand’s lingerie. Instead, they will feature in a 10-episode podcast where each woman will tell their own story, as well as developing marketing materials.

A source told Page Six that “the brand was stuck in an era that never evolved” and that The VS Collective is “completely cause-driven”.

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