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Rebecca Black Drops Breathtaking ‘Do You?’ Music Video



? Matty Vogel/unCrazed Composite

Rebecca Black has more than delivered on her new music video for Do You?

The actress and singer released the much-anticipated music video today on YouTube, and fans are going wild.

One commenter said, “I’ve been playing this song EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. it’s so good xoxo,” with another saying, “I’m so excited … been ON REPEAT EVERY DAY,”

Produced by Cazz Brindis, the song focusses on relationships that you find yourself stuck in, where you want to shake the person and ask, do you realise what you’re doing? 


Rebecca released her latest single, Do You? on Friday, June 21 — available on Spotify, Apple Music and all of your favourite places to stream music — and a lyric music video was put in place to tide fans over until the official music video release, so really there’s no excuse for not knowing the words.

Directed and edited by Bia Jurema, Do You?‘s music video is unreal. The lighting, by Martin Nguyen, couldn’t have been any better, with the purpose of dark and powerful colours to enrich the setting. Chet Norment’s choreography has made the physical styling of Rebecca’s body language tell a heart-wrenching story. Hair and makeup by Kelly Hunt paints a true picture of Rebecca’s state of mind as she acts out the meaning behind every word delivered.

If you haven’t already, check out the interview we had with this star-born artist here.


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