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Rebecca Black Talks w/ unCrazed About Her Single ‘Do You?’



? Matty Vogel/unCrazed Composite

Rebecca Black is taking on Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez in her latest single Do You? — or have they provided their vocals for the song?

I caught up with the Anyway singer yesterday, and we discussed a variety of topics including would Rebecca save a dog that needed rescuing, her new single, her upcoming tour with Man Man and relationships; which actually inspired this new release. 

Earlier this year I spoke with Rebecca about her single Anyway that currently has over 650,000 views on YouTube alone, and today she celebrates not only the release of Do You? but she also turns 22-years-old.

Amongst her extremely busy schedule, she fits in socialising with friends, speaking with her family, shooting new music videos — with Do You? dropping next week — auditioning for roles for the big screen including American Reject and Bad Impulse, touring with Man Man and recording new music. One hectic lifestyle, yet she doesn’t appear to be under intense stress, personally, I would crumble under that immense pressure.


Tickets for the Man Man tour are available here.

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