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‘Star Wars’ & ‘The Orville’ Actress Rena Owen Dishes On ‘Siren’ As Season Finale Approaches




Rena Owen has splashed the water with a mermaid tail during an exclusive interview with unCrazed.

The 57-year-old Star Wars actress spoke with us about the season finale of Siren as chapter three of the Freeform drama comes to an end.

Owen gave an insight into her life in lockdown as the world we once knew changed in response to COVID-19. She told us about the key elements for a happy life, aside from coronavirus, and the best way to lead a fruitful lifestyle with four simple ingredients to function each day.

Earlier in The Orville actresses career, it was clear that change was coming as soon as the digital camera replaced camera reels but was the future about to damage traditional industry standards of role auditions and creative projects? Have the likes of social media crumbled what once was an audition of pure talent, or enhanced those who could have slipped through the audition net?


You can listen to Rena talk about the Siren season finale airing Thursday, May 28 at 10/9c on Freeform on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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