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Reviews Are In For ‘And Just Like That’ Sex And The City Reeboot




HBO Max’s revival of the Sex and The City franchise has finally dropped and the reviews are mixed.

Fans have been reacting to the first look at the reboot of the infamous series, and episode one gets straight to addressing the elephant in the room, Kim Catrall’s absence.

Since the announcement of the reboot, it was always known that Kim Catrall would not return to revive the character of Samantha Jones.

In the first episode, Carrie speaks of Samantha saying,


“It’s kind of like she’s dead, we never talk about her, she stopped returning my calls.”

Samantha is said to have stopped speaking to the trio and moved to London, which echoes “elements of Cattrall’s real-life falling out with [Sarah-Jessica] Parker“.

A fan posted a still of this moment to Twitter,

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the characters are “no longer motivated by sex or ‘finding the one’. They want social acceptance, self-acceptance. A sense of personal identity”.

With The Guardian calling the first twenty minutes “terrible”

Colleen Brigid, a fan, wrote on Twitter that “it lived up to [her] expectations”

It is obvious that the reviews are mixed, and people feel different towards the reboot.

However, the buzz of the trio being back on our screen has not dissapeared.

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