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Rihanna’s Stalker Avoids Jail In Guilty Plea



? Rogelio A. Galaviz C.

Rihanna’s stalker was arrested in May 2018 at her home address and has pled guilty to the offence — but has avoided serving any jail time.

Eduardo Leon, the man accused and found guilty of stalking Rihanna, has been sentenced to five-year probation and ordered to take part in the county’s Office of Diversion and Reentry program. He was accused of vandalism, resisting arrest and stalking — all of which he pled guilty to in court.

He spent around 12 hours inside Rihanna’s home but fortunately, she wasn’t at the property at the time, albeit her assistant discovered the stalker.

The program is designed for offenders “with mental health and/or substance use disorders, including persons who are homeless.”


On top of this, Rihanna has been granted a criminal protection order against him.