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Rocky Lockridge, Famous For His Blood-Curdling Cry On TV, Dies Aged 60



Former boxer, Rocky Lockridge, that became a sensational meme in 2009, has died aged 60.

Rocky’s death has been linked to complications from multiple strokes — he died Thursday morning under hospice care at his home.

The Retired Boxers Foundation said he was pulled from life support a week ago following his struggle from two strokes.

His boxing career saw the 60-year-old beat Roger Mayweather for the World Super Featherweight Title in 1984.


He was last seen in 2009 on television for his stint on Intervention and remained sober. Rocky was made into an Internet sensation for his blood-curdling cry.

In the weeks before his death, he was hooked up to a feeding tube due to him being unable to swallow.

Rest in Peace.