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Roman Atwood’s Mother Dies Aged 58



? Roman Atwood/unCrazed Composite

Actor and YouTuber, Roman Atwood, has shared the surprising news that his mother has died.

Taking to social media to release a short statement, Roman explained that his mother, Susan Anne Christman, fell off a scooter and passed away “8 hours,” later.

Writing on Twitter, he said, “As most of you know my family and I are on vacation together. Yesterday my mom was riding around with my nephew on some little scooters. She fell off hers and hit her head.

She immediately lost all vitals. No heart rate and her breathing stopped. She was rushed to the hospital where we spent the next 8 hours… My beautiful mother passed away shortly after. I need everyone to understand that I will be gone for a bit. I will be by my family’s side especially my fathers. We are rushing back home to Ohio to figure everything out.


Please pray for my family and especially for my father. I’ve never been in more shock in my life. I’m numb and in complete disbelief. My heart is so heavy. We are all broken over here. Mom was everything to us.”

The 36-year-old often shares the camera with his family, including Susan.

She was 58 and survived by her two sons, Roman and Dale, and her husband, Curtis Dale Atwood.

Rest in Peace.