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Rose McGowan Decision To Get An Abortion: “I Am Not Ashamed”



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Rose McGowan recently shared her decision to have an abortion.

In an effort to get an “honest” conversation started around the topic, the 45-year-old actress responded to a tweet on Friday from UltraViolet, a woman’s advocacy group, which read, “1 in 4 women has an abortion by age 45. 60% are already mothers.

Abortion is common, normal and safe, but anti-choice politicians want you to believe otherwise in hopes of ending safe, legal abortion access.”

In her reply, Rose said, “I have had an abortion and I support this message. I am not ashamed, nor should you be. That 60% of those who choose to have abortions are already mothers says a lot – they understand more than anyone. I was on birth control and it failed.


I realised I could not bring a child into my world and simultaneously change the world. I do not regret my decision and it was not made lightly. If you do not want an abortion, don’t get one. My body, my choice, my life. Have you had to make a choice? Let’s talk and use hashtag #HonestAbortion”

Many were quick to criticise her decision, with one commenter saying, “#honestabortion is still murder” and another responding, “Okay, so you weren’t able to bring her/him into your world at that time, I get that, but why kill the child when you could have given him/her to a loving family who would have made that child their world? #HonestAdoption”

Others were in support of Rose, with one saying, “I was 16, I was raped, I had an abortion, took me many many years to be ok with it. I’m 34 and I still hurt from it. I don’t regret the decision I made but it still will always affect me.”

Rose became one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and is one of the most outspoken voices of the #MeToo movement.