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‘Baby Shark’ Creator Readying To Sue Korean Ripoff Of Song



? ©The Learning Station/unCrazed Composite

Don Monopoli, an entertainer from Florida, is readying to sue Korean company for “illegally” taking his song. 

According to The Blast, the original creator is preparing to file a lawsuit against a Korean educational company, Pinkfong, after they created their own version which now has over two billion views on YouTube.

He released the song in 2011 as “one of those crazy fun camp songs that kids loved to shout and get silly with… nevertheless, we were the first to get a copyright on the song which is registered with the Library of Congress. This is all public knowledge!”

Don is now apparently curious to find out how Pinkfong managed to release a similar version of his song, turning it into a “worldwide phenomenon,” with “no mention” of The Learning Station.


He believes the company may have committed an “illegal breach of copyright” — saying, “needless to say, there is a lot of money at stake here… calling all lawyers!”

The original version is here: