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Roseanne Barr Bizarre Rant About Homophobic Slurs



? Roseanne Barr/unCrazed Composite

UPDATE at 22:20 GMT: Roseanne has now deleted the videos.

Roseanne Barr seems to be on a downward spiral after being fired from her own show. 

In a recent series of uploads to her YouTube channel, Roseanne wishes her viewers a “happy Easter,” before saying that God hasn’t helped control her nicotine addiction.

She explained that matters have been taken into her own hands and that she has hidden her own car keys to prevent her from driving to purchase cigarettes.


Roseanne went on to say, “F*** that f** Owen Benjamin talking about growing carrots and women aren’t funny. B***! I wish you could think as far ahead as me.”

It starts to become concerning as the next upload is Roseanne discussing the word “f**” — she says, “The word f*g is a really hateful word, isn’t it?” then pausing and looking away from the camera for 12 seconds before saying, “Especially when it’s like one gay calling another gay guy that?

Whoo! Have you ever been in the middle of one of them hate marriages? Whoof! It’s like, ‘Wait a minute, we’re not supposed to say that word.’ ‘How come you’re saying that word?’ ‘What?’ Oh, I just can’t say the word.’ Well, I can when I’m in the house, but I can’t say it outside of the house. Okay, I get your rules. But it is a hateful word and we should get rid of it. Get rid of it being spoken.”

Roseanne then explains, “All that LGBTQ stuff, okay let me just be real, I put the Q in LGBTQ. Okay? Cause I am queer as two motherf******. I’m queer, I’m alien, I don’t belong here with all these people. They make no sense. They are very queer. And that makes me a queer, I guess. But I did put the Q in it. Bye!”


It would also seem that she believes the end of the world is coming, as in yet another video titled “Malcolm x” she is showing her greenhouse when she says, “I tell you what I’m gonna do about the end of the world coming… I’m gonna put all this s*** in the ground,”

Continuing on about homophobic slurs and hate speech, she says, “You know what? They’re ruling us all by the use of words and our definition of said words, cause that’s where they got all the lockdown laws about hate speech,” — you can see her videos on YouTube here.