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John Goodman Says Working On ‘The Conners’ Is “Wonderful” Following Roseanne Barr Dismissal



? Gage Skidmore

Earlier this year Roseanne Barr was stripped of her roll in Roseanne that featured her and John Goodman as husband a wife. 

It seems John Goodman is finding the new development of The Conners “wonderful” — he said, “It’s so much fun, I hope we get a deal for next year… it’s wonderful,”. 

John also says he hasn’t kept in touch with Roseanne following her departure from the show. She was axed from the reboot after she posted a racist tweet to a former Barack Obama adviser. 

Her character was killed off after an opioid overdose which took place 5 minutes into the season. 


Are you excited about the Roseanne-less spinoff, ‘The Conners’?