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Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘Borat’ Creators Sued By Holocaust Survivor Estate




Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Borat 2 creators are being sued the estate of a Holocaust survivor.

The forthcoming film, set to debut on Amazon Prime, has come under scrutiny over an interview with a Holocaust survivor who since passed away this summer.

According to the estate of Judith Dim Evans, the Holocaust survivor was interviewed by the Borat creators for what she believes to be a serious documentary, and since learning it will be used in a comedy film intended to mock the Holocaust and Jewish culture, damages are being sought, and the removal of the interview.

The lawsuit reads, “Upon learning after giving the interview that the movie was actually a comedy intended to mock the Holocaust and Jewish culture, Ms. Evans was horrified and upset. Had Ms. Evans been informed about the true nature of the film and purpose for the interview, she would not have agreed to participate in the interview.”


Michelle Dim St. Pierre, daughter of Judith, filed the lawsuit as an executor of her estate.

They are seeking damages of less than $75,000 and request the scene to be removed from the film; Oak Springs Productions and Amazon Prime are named in the lawsuit – Sacha has not been directly named.

Borat Subsequent Movie Film: Delivery of Prodigious Bride to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan will premiere on Amazon Prime October 23, 2020.

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