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Scarlett Johansson Refused To Diet For ‘Black Widow’?



? ©Krishna/CC/unCrazed Composite

Scarlett Johansson is refusing to diet or exercise for the Avengers spinoff, Black Widow.  

OK! have published a story that claims the actress “is planning to cut corners” — referencing her first solo superhero film.

Their supposed source claims, “Scarlett’s no gym rat … has no interest in gaining muscle or learning new fight moves just for a movie … She wants to leave the dangerous stuff to the pros and focus more on the script and casting, and luckily she and the Marvel bosses are seeing eye to eye.”

Our sources say the opposite, saying, “look back at previous Avengers movies, Scarlett trained for those and took her role very seriously,” with another source saying, “why would she feel it necessary to refuse any form of training now?”


In fact, over the years, Scarlett has been extremely public about her efforts to train for roles, particularly with Marvel due to the physical activity that is required on-camera.

We’re confident that Scarlett hasn’t refused any training, potential diet requirements or physical exercise.