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Selma Blair Granted Restraining Order Against Ex After Alleged Attack




Selma Blair has been granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Carlson, following his arrest for domestic violence.

Court documents obtained by TMZ state that Carlson arrived at Blair’s property to return a television set after their breakup on February 22.

The Cruel Intentions actress, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, then says that she began to feel the effects of the powerful medication she had taken earlier in the day.

She claims that Carlson quickly became enraged after she told him she wasn’t feeling well, calling her “useless” and a “cripple” before shouting: “I don’t f**king deserve this, I can do so much better than you.”


The 49-year-old alleges that Carlson’s assault escalated into a physical attack, describing how he jumped on top of her while she lay on the sofa. Blair says that he “strangled her, throttling her and shaking her head and shoulders aggressively.”

In self-defence, Blair said that she tried to put her fingers in Carlson’s eyes and mouth but lost consciousness when he covered her face with his hands.

Later, police reportedly arrived on the scene to interview Blair, at which time she says her nose began bleeding and she lost consciousness for a second time. She was subsequently transported to hospital via ambulance and Carlson was arrested for felony domestic violence with corporal injuries.

Photos obtained by TMZ show the extent of Blair’s injuries and she has since been awarded a 5-day protective order from the police while her lawyer pursued a temporary restraining order.


Carlson has also allegedly filed for a restraining order, accusing Blair of attacking him after he declined to sit next to her. He also claims that her bleeding nose is a persistent problem, unrelated to their altercation.

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