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Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Hit & Run Driver Not Chargeable



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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas won’t have criminal justice when it comes to the death of their dog. 

Law enforcement won’t be taking the hit and run death of their dog to a criminal case, with only a civil court case being available to them if they want financial justice.

The driver who hit and killed the Alaskan Klee Kai failed to stop and leave his information after he struck the dog earlier last week in New York City — he ultimately fled the scene, but due to the hit and run being animal-related, it’s not a crime that he failed to stop.

Waldo, the dog that was killed, is considered property, and with the incident being viewed as an accident, he can’t be criminally charged. It’s unclear why he failed to stop and provide details, but sources believe the initial hitting of the dog with the drivers’ car may have gone unnoticed by the driver due to the fast-paced lifestyle in New York.


Here’s what unCrazed know so far: a dog handler was walking along the sidewalk when Waldo darted into the street; no intent to kill was there and it was a complete and utter freak accident for all parties involved.

An incident report was filed with the police by Joe and Sophie two days later, and if they were to pursue a claim against the driver, they would have to sue the individual behind the wheel and deal with the matter in a civil court.

Currently, the driver remains anonymous — nobody has come forward and identified themselves as the driver of the vehicle at the time of the incident, nor has information become available to assist in identifying the driver on the day of the hit and run.

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