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Soulja Boy Claims He Inspired Drake’s Lyrics In “Miss Me” Song




Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, has started trending today after he was interviewed by The Breakfast Club where he made a bold statement — “he copied my whole f****** flow,”.

The Crank That rapper stood up during an interview and made himself into a meme after he paced the room saying, “Draaaaaake? Draaaaaaaaake… the n**** that got bodied by Pusha T? The n**** that hiding his kid from the world, but his world want to hide from the kid? Aubrey Graham in a wheelchair? Draaaaake?

Y’all n***** better stop playing with me man. Y’all talking about the light-skin n**** from Degeneres. Stop playing with me. Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know. Y’all ain’t hear Drake on his first song?

Tell me what’s really going on Drizzy Drake back in this thing already what’s hap–“. Soulja then starts singing.


He continues, “That’s Soulja! That’s my bar. He copied my whole f****** flow. He copied my whole f****** flow. Word for word. Bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake, n****.” — in a nutshell, Soulja is referencing his song What’s Hannenin’ which he says Drake copied in his 2010 song, Miss Me.