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Jake Paul Dropped By His Law Firm Over Legal Battle




Jake Paul, social media influencer and YouTube star, has been dropped as a client by law firm Loeb & Loeb over prank legal battle. 

A prank video, called Embarrassing Billboard Prank On My Brother, left Jake in a legal battle which at the moment of publishing this article, he is no longer being legally represented by Loeb & Loeb.

According to legal documents, the firm filed a court document that requested permission to cease representing him in the case. The law firm claimed they contacted Jake in October explaining they wouldn’t be representing him anymore but allegedly he didn’t respond.

The firm said Jake “refused to cooperate with Loeb in the defence of this action… [he also] refused to make payments to the firm for their legal services in connection with the case.


In the video, Jake drives around in his car sounding a train horn at unsuspecting pedestrians leading to Ellis Barabacoff suing Jake and his production company for unspecified damages — claiming the train horn caused him “sustained shock and injuries” and left Ellis with “pain and suffering”.

Overall, Jake’s alleged lack of communication led to an “irreconcilable breakdown” in the firms and Jakes relationship.