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Stan Lee: Daughter Sues His Former Assistant For $25 Million



? Gage Skidmore/unCrazed Composite

Stan Lee’s daughter has sued her father’s former assistant for slander over comments made on a podcast.

Joan Celia Lee is suing Bradley Herman, a former personal assistant to Stan after he made comments on a podcast that was published just days after Stan’s death.

In the new $25 million lawsuit, Joan points out that Herman said on a podcast, “JC Lee took her father by the neck and grabbed his neck and slammed his head back into the wood portion of the chair.”

Lee is saying the statement is completely false, and she denies ever striking or choking her father.


According to the 69-year-old, Bradley was fired in 2018, and the statement made was an effort to seek revenge against her — he was allegedly fired due to accusations made against him that involved forging Stan’s signature on loans.

Alan Duke, the host of the podcast that Bradley appear on, has been named as a Defendant in the lawsuit.

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