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‘Keemstar’ Slammed For Calling Spencer Taylor Racist



? YouTube/Spencer Taylor/unCrazed Composite

Drama Alert host Keemstar, real name Daniel Keem, has been slammed on social media for branding Spencer Taylor “racist,” over YouTube thumbnail.

The 37-year-old YouTube star pointed out on Twitter that Logan Paul’s friend and colleague, Spencer, had uploaded a video onto YouTube with a “racist thumbnail,”

Keem pointed this out to Logan, saying, “Yo [Logan Paul], what’s up with your best friend Spencer using this racist thumbnail? [KSI] light his up for this!” with a screengrab of the video’s thumbnail.

Spencer responded to the sudden backlash received from Drama Alert supporters and Keem himself, saying on Twitter, “In my video I said Logan is currently a silverback gorilla, hence why he’s juxtaposed next to one. Sounds like you’re interpreting this as racism because you’re a racist,”


Daniel made his comments clear, furthering, “I don’t care what he [Spencer] says in the video that’s irrelevant, clearly he used this thumbnail to clickbait racism … Logan Paul vs KSI … Pic of Logan Paul, Pic of Gorilla,”

He then went on to say, “If the gorilla is supposed to represent Logan Paul then why didn’t you use this gorilla … You f****** racist click-baiting herb!”

Spencer replied, “Let’s get in the ring and handle this you old ass cyberbully.” to which Keem said, “It’s that what it is bullying? What are you 12?”

As Keem continued his comments on social media, he tagged Mike Majlak, another friend of Logan, and wrote, “Don’t [you] love the hypocrisy? Logan’s whole team mostly [Mike]’s job is to work on Logan Paul suicide forest thing. We are supposed to forgive & forget, accept he changed. But they use a 10-year-old vid of me calling Alex the N-word to defend themselves for racist thumbnails.”


Mike responded on Twitter, “I cannot believe I’m spending more of my time responding to this. Listen I’m all about starting fresh and fixing past (obviously) but to be honest when you flame yourself on a topic you kinda lose the privilege of calling people out for said topic. i.e. if someone became a drug addict ten years from now and I call them out and acted all high and mighty like I never had my own demons.

So you calling someone a racist, especially someone who clearly isn’t is kinda the dumbest s*** ever. You are a f****** troll. Nothing more. You add no value to this community and make a living off manufacturing stories to get a rise out of people. You are a f****** cancer to everything and everyone.

I tried many times and publicly defended you when the entire community told me that you were a piece of s*** and now after tweet after tweet from you I’m here with pie on my face. You are a sad and despicable human. I’ll pray for you but I’m just not so sure you’re worth saving.”

In response to the thread, Keem replied, “Mike you want to know what the whole community said about you? Nothing,”


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