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Steve-O Shares ‘Jackass’ Stories, 14 Years Of Sobriety, Bam Margera And More On The ‘Roman Atwood Podcast’




Steve-O joined YouTube star Roman Atwood for a podcast interview.

The 48-year-old Jackass star is celebrating 14 years of sobriety and he spoke with Atwood to share his journey, along with detailing the chaotic lifestyle that he once had in the early days of his career.

Entering the conversation of his life, Steve-O discusses the potential of having children with his fiancée, Lux Wright, sharing that he did have a vasectomy when the two began dating as currently, neither wish to become parents. Joining the conversation, with Brittney Atwood volunteering to remove herself from the podcasting table for a surprise guest appearance, Ehren McGhehey (aka Danger Ehren) entered the room to support Steve-O‘s story telling surrounding Jackass and the evolution of social media and streaming platforms.

Talking about his sobriety, Steve-O explains, “I am also proof that you can get completely sober from drugs and alcohol and continue on a path that’s super f***** up,” He went on to say that he gave up “drugs and alcohol and started acting out sexually … when a show ended, it was like an audition. As I approached 40-years-old I was like, ‘this is pathetic’,” The professional stuntman reveals that his entire story is available in his forthcoming book.


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