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Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Joins Roman & Brittney Atwood For His First Podcast Since Public Breakdown




Vitaly Zdorovetskiy joined Roman and Brittney Atwood on their podcast two years after his public breakdown.

The 30-year-old YouTube prankster joined the Atwood‘s for a reveal all interview where he discussed his drug and alcohol abuse, public breakdown, arrests and the chaotic lifestyle he once thrived in.

In April 2020, Zdorovetskiy suffered a drug infused episode that led to him assaulting a female passerby near his Miami home, causing physical injury to her face and body. At the time of the news breaking it was deemed that Vitaly targeted the woman — but now the comedian wants to set the record straight and clear up the story.

During the interview with Roman and Brittney, he explains that he was increasing the magic mushroom dosage intake, going from an average amount taken to “60 grams of mushrooms, that’s 17 times more than the average person should take … pushing it to the limit, like my pranks, like everything in life.”


On this particular occasion and seemingly due to the large dosage Vitaly ingested, it caused him to experience a bad trip which he details was also due to having people around him. He explained that in his erratic state of mind, he began jogging to the beach but had second thoughts believing something “bad” was going to happen to him and proceeded to return home.

Upon returning, Zdorovetskiy says he experienced voices talking to him and laid on the ground to start a 60 second count down in the belief he would die. Now in an even more paranoid state of mind, Vitaly left his property and started a search for someone to help. He said, “I’m running for help … I see this girl jogging — the TMZ article lied, I did not jump out of the bushes — she’s running towards me, and I tried to hug her and she pushed me, or whatever, and yeah, I hit her and I realised what I was doing on top of her.”

A video was later released by law enforcement showing the aftermath and the arrest of the YouTuber where it clearly shows a confused and delirious Vitaly. According to the actor, an undisclosed agreement was made with the victim.

Amongst this topic, an array of wild and chaotic stories are shared with the Atwood‘s and viewers that detail some of Zdorovetskiy‘s most dangerous endeavours including being arrested in Egypt for climbing up the pyramids and breaking his back and neck in a skydiving accident.


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