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‘The Walking Dead’ Steven Yeun Addresses Micro-Aggressions He Faced Early In Entertainment Career As An Asian American Actor




Steven Yeun has opened up about his experience within the entertainment industry as an Asian American.

The 37-year-old former The Walking Dead actor spoke openly about micro-aggressions he faced particularly when starting out his career.

During an early audition for a show called Awesome 80s Prom, he was asked to recite Ferris Bueller’s opening monologue in an Asian accent, with Yeun saying, “I knew that I didn’t want to do that. The system had no clue that’s not what I wanted.

We were just in a different time. And so I remember I did a s****y accent and phoned it, and they still wanted me anyway because that’s how far and few between Asian actors were.” – taking a stance against the micro-aggression he faced in this particular audition, he declined the role offer.

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