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Tanya Roberts Dies At 65, Day After Publicist Prematurely Announced Death




Tanya Roberts has died just one day after her publicist prematurely announced her death.

The 65-year-old actress was rushed into the hospital after collapsing at her home following a dog walk on Christmas Eve. Her publicist was told by her boyfriend, Lance O’Brien, that she passed away yesterday when the hospital informed him she had died.

Shortly after news broke of her death, her publicist gave another press release to inform the media that Roberts was in fact alive, but still in a critical condition, with her liver function performing severely low.

Commenters on social media were extremely shocked by the announcement of her death being incorrect.


unCrazed now confirms that the That ’70s Show actress has died – but her death isn’t COVID-19 related, according to her partner, however, she was on a ventilator due to Tanya struggling to breathe on her own.

Rest in Peace.

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