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Taylor Swift Is ‘The Man’ In New Music Video Called ‘The Man’



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Taylor Swift shocked fans with her new video in which she is seen switching genders.

In the music video, Swift is transformed into a cocky businessman who is rude to everyone around him.

“The Man” is first shown in a suit and tie being rude to his employees, he then continues to disrespect everyone around him by “manspreading” on public transport, been rude to waiters on a private jet and being labelled “the greatest dad in the world” even though he is only seen with his daughter for a short amount of time.

In one scene Swift dressed as “The Man” can be seen urinating up a wall in public. On the wall the are the names of Taylor’s first six albums along with a ‘no scooter’ sign. Its the latest dig at music manager Scooter Braun who Swift accused of attempting to “dismantle” her “musical legacy” after he bought Big Machine last June.



The dramatic video sparked a social media frenzy with fans calling Taylor a “creative genius.”

“Brilliant music video and song for ‘The Man’ by Taylor Swift, calling society out”, one user of twitter wrote.

The video ends with “The Man” walking up to the female director, played by Taylor Swift herself, asking how he did.

“Pretty good. Could you try to be sexier, maybe more likeable this time?” she responds whilst straight after praising another female employee.


The credits stress that Swift directed, produced and owns the video.

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