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TikTok Star Connor Mackey Exposed As ‘Fake Account’ Posing As ‘Netflix Star’



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TikTok account posing as a mystery Netflix star has been exposed.

The account has reached a milestone of almost 1 million followers after teasing viewers as a masked Netflix star over a series of videos.

Posting a video from the account for the first time on February 19, 2020, with the caption “1/10 till I reveal which Netflix star I am #1 is hidden somewhere),” a masked man has gained the interest of millions.

As time progressed and sporadic videos were uploaded, users were given subtle hints within each video all suggesting various clues as to which Netflix star sported the plastic mask. On Monday, March 2nd, the mysterious user shared what could be a final video with the hint of “Next video… 10/10 until I reveal which Netflix star I am … (hint #10 is hidden somewhere in the video),” shortly before opening a live stream to directly engage with followers.


unCrazed can exclusively reveal that a once mysterious user has been exposed as TikTok user Connor Mackey. In the build-up to the big reveal, sources told unCrazed that Connor, from Ontario, Canada, became “excited” and “wanted to share” the rapidly growing fake Netflix star teaser account with some close friends, but details were slowly becoming available to others linking to his true online persona.

According to our sources, avid TikTok users began connecting the dots, and after linking us to the official TikTok account of @connor.mackey, a profile with over 100,000 followers, it became obvious that all the videos were filmed at a similar location as to those on the Details, including the location of filming, were given to us, but for privacy reasons, we won’t be sharing that information.


During the live stream, that peaked at over 9,000 viewers at one time, Mackey asked people to donate “gifts” which led to thousands of users sending money to the “Guess who” account — in return for a follow back. He told viewers that the would follow back the “top gifter” with many sending what TikTok call an I’m Very Rich gift costing around £20 per gifting.


After ending the first of what seems to be a multitude of upcoming live streams before the reveal, Connor received a grand total of 77.2 thousand gift points equating to an estimated £1,000. Our sources at TikTok tell us after digital gifts are received, they are turned into digital Diamonds which can be withdrawn via PayPal and turned into money. In this scenario, we’re told once withdrawal fees are paid, the social media star will receive short of £800 from one live stream.



Law enforcement sources tell us that if Connor were to claim to be a celebrity, including an actor or in this case a Netflix star, that he isn’t, it would be committing identity fraud which is an indictable offence in Canada and persons committing this offence are liable to imprisonment of up to 10 years.

It is unclear if the social media star plans to continue the mysterious character, or whether a reveal will be made to promote other platforms. One thing is for sure, Connor has certainly caused a wave of followers and viewers to return and if anything, someone should hire him for their next marketing campaign.

unCrazed will keep you posted.

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